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Data Structures Using C — M. Tanen Baum, Langsam, Augenstein ... Computer Networks — Andrew .S. Tanenbaum 17. Software Engineering — Roger Pressman 18.
DATA STRUCTURES USING ‘C’ (PG) ... Data Structures by Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi 5) Data structures – O.G. Kakde and U.A. Deshpande

Yedidyah Langsam, Moshe J. Augenstein & Aaron M. Tanenbaum, “DATA STRUCTURES USING C & C++”, 2 nd edition, PHI. Paper II :: DATABASE TECHNOLOGY Subject ...
Introduction to advanced data structures: Optimal Binary Search Trees-AVL Trees - 2-3 Trees - ... Data structures using C and C++ - Langsam, Augenstein, Tanenbaum, PHI .
Data Structures Using C – M.Radhakrishnan and V.Srinivasan, ... 5.Tanenbaum A. S. , “Data Structures using ‘C’ ” MI103) Computer Organization & Architechture:
3.Tanenbaum, A.S.Data structures Using C.Prentice Hall of India, 1995 . REFERENCES . 1.Trembly & Sorrensn, An Introduction to Data Structures with application, Tata
Data Structures Using C – M.Radhakrishnan and V.Srinivasan, ISTE/EXCEL ... 5.Tanenbaum A. S. , “Data Structures using ‘C’ ” MATERIAL SCIENCE Code : MS 301
DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS USING C AND C++ UNIT I INTRODUCTION ... Tanenbaum A.S, Langram Y., Augestein M.J,”Data structures using C”, PHI, 1992 4.
Tanenbaum & Woodhull, ... (left-hand scale) gives the data rate of a disk. The dashed curve (right-hand scale) ... The buffer cache data structures.
Data Structures using C & C++: Langsam,Augenstein & Tanenbaum, Pearson Education Asia ... Data structures & Program design in C: Robert Kruse Pearson Education Asia .
4 data structures using c & c++ yediyah langsam 5 modern operating systems andrew s tanenbaum 6 db principles programming patrick onell.e.onell 7 db ...
MCS104 / MCS605 Data Structures and Algorithms 30 0 3 MCS121 / MCS611 Data Communication3 1 0 4 ... Augestein & Tanenbaum, Data Structures Using C & C++, 2nd
"Data Structure using C" AM Tanenbaum, Y Langsam and MJ Augenstein, ... "Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C" ΠWeiss, Mark Allen, Addison Wesley .
Data structures using C – Tanenbaum and Augustine (Prentice Hall of India) 5. Theory and problems of data structures – Seymour lipschutz (Tata McGraw Hill)
3. Data Structures & Program Design in C “ Robert Kruse C L ... Data Structure using C “ AM Tanenbaum , Y Langsam & MJ Augenstein Prentice Hall”. 5.
V.Langsam, M.J.Augenstein and A.M.Tanenbaum, "Data Structures Using C and C++", Second Edition, 2000, Prentice Hall of India. 2.
Course Name: Data Structures ... Tanenbaum, "Data Structures Using C & C++", PHI. 7) Michel Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia, “Algorithm design-foundation, analysis
... Data Structures Using C and C++ - Second Edition – Yedidyah, Augenstein, Tanenbaum - Prentice Hall of India Private Limited, New Delhi.
required to get through Software companies are C, Data Structures and OS. ... Rest would be taken care of by “Data structures using ” by Tanenbaum book itself.
Tanenbaum A.S, Langram Y, Augestien M.J., ‖Data Structures using C & C++‖, ... Data structures using C and C++, Langsam, Augenstein and Tanenbaum, PHI. 7
Data structures using C/C++ by Tanenbaum. 4IT24 COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS UNIT-I: Analog Systems: Frequency spectrum of electromagnetic ...
DATA STRUCTURES References Langsam Y, Augenstein M J and Tanenbaum A M. Data Structures using C and C++ Prentice Hall (1995); ISBN 0130369977. Aho A V, Hopcroft J F ...