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Klockor OMEGA OMEGA, Seamaster, Polaris, Multifunction, Cal 1665, Serie nr. 53024949, PIC nr. 2540.50.00, Ref nr. DR 386.0822, Boett nr. 386.0822, herrur, 32 mm, stål ...
son; O-Jolle; OK-Jolle; Olle Enderlein/OE 32; Omega ... Plurius; Polyp; Polaris Drabant 26; Ponant; Prindle und ... Seal 22; Sealord 15; Seamaster 925; Seasafe Dandy;

Omega, while confirming that Gérald Genta designed the titanium Seamaster Polaris, did not have any direct evidence that Genta had ever created a Constellation.